What Type of Bra is Best for a Bigger Bust?

What Type of Bra is Best for a Bigger Bust?

If you’re a lady with bigger boobies, you’ve likely experienced the struggle of finding the perfect bra. A lot of the time, it can feel as though the type of bra is the issue, with some women reporting problems with deep plunge bras, balconette strapless bras, multiway strapless bras, and various other bra types. Despite this, fuller-busted girls shouldn’t feel restricted to certain bra types as it isn’t so much about the type as it is the fit. Whether you want to wear strapless plunge bras, padded balconette bras, or any other type of bra, you can do so with Ivory Rose! Just make sure that you use our handy Fit Guide to make sure you have your sizing right.

Being one of the few bra shops for bigger busts, Ivory Rose provides the best bras for ladies with bigger boobies. From backless plunge bras to push-up balcony bras, we’ve got it all. So, discover more about our various types of bra for a bigger bust below.

What is a Plunge Bra?

Before you can know whether a plunge bra is for you, you must first understand the plunge bra meaning. Plunge bras have angled cups and a padded design, which both accentuates cleavage and supports the boobies. As a result, they’re a great option for fuller-busted girls, as they’re sure to make boobs look and feel great. This is, of course, only if the right size is worn. If a bra isn’t well-fitting, it won’t do the wearer any favours, no matter how pretty it may be.

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What is a Balconette Bra?

As well as balconette bras, you may also have heard this bra type being referred to as a “balcony bra”. This may lead you to ask, “What is a balcony bra?” Well, as far as the balconette/balcony bra meaning is concerned, the difference between balcony and balconette bras is non-existent. The two terms can be used interchangeably, meaning a balcony bra is a balconette bra and vice versa.

Now, a balconette bra in the UK tends to have wide straps and low-cut, horizontal cups, which leads to a balcony-like lift. This leads to cleavage being enhanced and is responsible for the style’s name. From black balconette bras to padded balcony bras, the Ivory Rose range is abundant in bras of this style to ensure your boobies look and feel great.

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What is a Multiway Bra?

Whether you’re wondering how to wear a multiway bra or which is the best multiway bra for a large bust in the UK, Ivory Rose has got you covered (literally). As the name suggests, a multiway bra can be worn in multiple ways! This means that the straps are detachable, allowing you to unhook them and move them around to ensure they’re invisible under your clothes or remove them completely. Due to the customisable nature of multiway bras, they’re the ideal style for ladies with bigger boobies. This is because you can move the straps around to ensure that your boobs are fully supported and comfortable.

What is a Longline Bra?

When searching for a fuller-busted bra, longline bras can be exactly what you need. Longline bras in the UK have a deep band that extends further down the torso, which allows for the provision of support and comfort while slimming the waistline. This makes them a great option for girls with bigger boobies, as they work to accentuate your best assets without compromising comfort.

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What is a Bralette?

Fuller-busted women are often deterred from the idea of wearing bralettes due to the lack of wires and cups. This is because it’s often perceived that bras without wires and cups are incapable of providing support; however, this is far from the case. As with any other bra type, the key is to find a bra that fits. If a bralette fits, it will provide you with all the support you need, meaning you can make the most of the comfort and delicate appearance. Naturally, the bralettes at Ivory Rose are designed with bigger boobies in mind, meaning they’re specifically crafted to provide fuller-busted girls with comfort and support.


What is a T-shirt Bra?

Last but not least, if you’re on the hunt for the best t-shirt bra for a bigger bust, Ivory Rose has got you covered. T-shirt bras have smooth and seamless moulded cups, resulting in a natural, rounded shape under clothing, which appears invisible under a tight-fitting top like a t-shirt (hence the name). Anyone and everyone can wear a well-fitting t-shirt bra comfortably, and they should be a staple of any woman’s wardrobe.

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Shop Fuller-Busted Bras at Ivory Rose

Here at Ivory Rose, we provide all manner of bra styles that are suited to a bigger bust. From lace balconette bras to sheer plunge bras, there’s something for everyone. So, be sure to browse our range of fuller-busted bras and add your favourite pieces to your basket today!

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