Bra Fitting Blog

Bra Fitting Blog

Let’s talk Bra Fitting! Bras are the most technical, confusing, frustrating item of clothing that I think exists and getting one to fit right as well and comfortably can be a right pain in the bum! So hopefully our new fit guide on our website and this blog will help you to find your correct size!

Firstly, let’s start with the back band. This needs to fit snug around your rib cage, whilst still allowing 2 fingers to fit between your body and the back band of the bra. It is important to get the back band to sit nice and snug because this will essentially be carrying the weight of your bust. At Ivory Rose, we all have a big bust so we need to ensure the weight of your bust is supported here, otherwise the weight will be held by your shoulder straps and cause your shoulders and back to ache (not forgetting those ugly shoulder strap marks!)

In order to get your back size, correct you need to get a tape measure around your body ensuring the tape measure is straight, where your back band would usually sit. Ensure that the tape measure goes under your bust. Pull the tape measure really tight and breathe in deeply and exhale (this will expand your ribs) then note down the cm measurement. Do this standing in front of a mirror or get a relative to help you get the measurement whilst making sure the tape measure is straight around your body. Using our chart conversion, this will give your back size of your bra, ie. 34 or 36 part of your bra size.

Now time for the cup size. This is the most difficult part as it is a case of trial and error. Some size guides ask you to measure your bust point and that's how you work out your cup size but that is completely wrong. Everyone's busts are different sizes, bust points can be in different places, it is the bust volume we need in order to create a great lift on your bust so you can show off your assets and to make sure you are wearing the right size bra.

The best way to start off finding your cup size is to work out what size you were currently wearing vs what your new back band is showing. There is a rule to follow for this 'if you go down a back size go up a cup size. If you go up a back size go down a cup size'.
For example, these 3 sizes will all be the equivalent 'sister size' but one will create more room in the back, the other more room in the cup.
size wearing before being measured - 34F
sister size 'down a back size up a cup size' - 32FF
sister size 'up a back size down a cup size' - 36E

There are other important factors to consider:

Is your bust over spilling the cup? If so, go up a cup size.
Can you see into the cup when you look down or the cup is gaping open? If so, go down a cup size.

Sometimes the shape of your bust doesn't suit particular cup shapes making it appear to not fit properly, so if you are not having any luck with one style, make sure you try a different style. Your bust might also suit a moulded/slightly padded style, or it might suit an unpadded style, make sure your explore all options in order to get your go to bra in your correct size (it is why we offer free returns!!).

If you are unsure or need further help fitting your bra from home please email us on our Contact Us page and someone will get back to you to assist.

So what you waiting for? Get your tape measures out ladies and make sure you are wearing the right size Bra!